Peaceful Revolution

Almost everyone recognizes that America is experiencing a political crisis, but we feel almost universally powerless to do anything about it. Regardless of party affiliation, national politicians want to do what they want to do and rarely consult Constitutional authority because it would cramp their style. Because politicians love power, the federal government has its hands in almost every area of our lives. We refer to it as “overreach”, the assumption of authority formally prohibited by the founders of our country and pretty well defined in our Constitution.

Yet most people are unaware that the framers of the Constitution provided remedies. Firstly, the United States Congress can recognize a crisis and recommend amendments to the Constitution. Unfortunately, we can’t expect representatives of the Federal Government to rein in their own power. The second option is that Article V of the United States Constitution allows 2/3 of the states to call a Constitutional convention, effectively returning power to the people. This can work because most of our state governments are controlled by conservative electorates.

This strategy is already playing itself out in many states around the country, and our own Missouri Senate just passed a resolution for our state to participate in a Constitutional convention. You can do your part by visiting on the web and then encouraging your Missouri State Representative to endorse the Senate resolution.