Convention of States

Are you fed up with our runaway government? There are some things we can do. Many people I talk with are frustrated by national politics because the power of the federal government seems so distant from the people, and there seems little we can do to rein in abuses of that power. What we forget is that the structure of the American system has the solution. Local state governments created our national government with limited powers. The states conceived of the federal government as little more than a referee to ensure cooperation among the sovereign states. We can use the innate authority of our local state government therefore to restore the balance between federal regulation and local sovereignty.

The states have the right to regulate federal power through a mechanism provided in the federal Constitution. We can use it to mandate fiscal responsibility, reduce interference in local affairs, and reverse the relentless expansion of regulation that harms our local economy. Here is our two-part strategy to finally take back control at the local state level.

It Begins With Understanding. We no longer teach constitutional principles in our schools, so Americans no longer understand their true rights. Fortunately, a great American educational institution, Hillsdale College, has created a video series describing the principles of the United States Constitution. The Hillsdale series of lectures offers an easy way to  educate yourself or present to groups. They’re provided completely free of charge, and are an essential resource for advocates of freedom and sound government. Here’s a link to the course on The Constitution.

The second step is to take action. Convention of States (COS) is a nation-wide movement that offers a practical, legal remedy for government overreach. You can learn all about it and sign the petition at Article V of the United States Constitution allows our state governments to call for a convention of state representatives to remedy procedural shortcomings and restore the rule of law over Federal officials. It is the legal strategy to return  authority to citizens over the rich and powerful, restoring the checks and balances that protect our liberty.

Do not be confused or fearful about a constitutional convention. Article V does not allow a general overhaul or rejection of the Constitution. Only specific amendments approved by each state’s elected legislators can be considered. The most likely amendments to be considered are to require a balanced budget and the implementation of term limits for Congress. Since any amendment must be approved by 38 states, the chance of any radically negative amendment passing is virtually non-existent.

You can follow Missouri’s progress on Facebook by clicking COS Missouri. A bill has been introduced at the start of 2016 for Missouri to approve its Article V initiative. Your representatives need your encouragement to approve this bill. Four other states have already done so, and the same initiative is active in a dozen more. We all know that Federal politicians are incapable of controlling themselves. We must do it for them. We must restore responsible behavior in our national government.