Article V, the Hope of Self-Governance

One of the new-found pleasures of my involvement in the Article V movement has been the restoration of hope for people who have just about given up on the right of the people to manage political power. Here is what one Convention of States supporter wrote to me yesterday:

“Thank you so much for this email. I so much appreciate it. I love this country and this state. I want America to be Great again. Thank you.”

The truth is that I didn’t do that much. I heard this woman’s concerns, forwarded them to our State Representative, and then shared their positive response with her. It was simply a voice heard, and that was enough to earn her thanks. This is the essence of the Article V Convention of States (COS) movement, to allow local people to have a voice in a national political environment that is otherwise dominated by wealthy, out-of-touch elites. We’re doing that ultimately by re-asserting the rightful authority of sovereign States, our local government, to restrain Federal overreach.

The genius of the American system is that one nation encompasses 50 separate and unique State governments which accommodate the style of governance which their citizens desire. It allows over-populated states like California to provide the social welfare programs that less-populous rural states like Missouri might not want to provide, allowing our residents freedom from the expense and restrictions of such programs. Because of this diversity, individual Americans can choose to live in the region or state whose governance most closely meets their needs. It is the genius of liberty, and it will surely be lost if we continue the march toward centralization where one size fits all and damages many.

Regardless of your political party, if you love liberty and all its 50 separate expressions, join the Article V COS movement. Sign the petition at or email me at You’ll thank me for it.