What Does The Bible Say?

What does the Bible say? Many people have never read it so it’s worth a try to summarize the message. The Bible is God describing himself to his creation and giving us an account of history. He made all things including the first people who rebelled against him and threw the world into chaos. Sinful living reigned the earth, but God adopted Israel to preserve a history of the conflict between light and darkness. The Bible testifies to our inability to live rightly without God’s power in us. When the time was right, God came in the form of Jesus to proclaim the good news and deliver us from sin. For 2000 years, he has infused the world with goodness while evil has simultaneously abounded. Jesus will come again for the final resolution. The question before us is what believers ought to believe. Will you live in preparation for Jesus return or simply live in the moment separated from the Lord? You get to decide.