The Real Evil Of Evolution

This image was posted on Facebook by a Facebook friend (Yes, I do have a an eclectic group of friends). I took the point of the post to be that Christianity is like an evil dictatorship, so I responded that the post is true…the difference between leftist philosophy and Christianity is that following God is an act of freedom whereas the political left doesn’t tolerate freedom. I thought I was pretty clever, but he replied that the real lesson is that humanity is “evolving” beyond both.

This reverence for societal evolution is the ultimate danger of evolutionary thinking. It is no more evident than in politics. Whereas communist socialism attempted to dominate its citizens and eventually the world through raw force, the new socialism relies on evolution. They believe that, just as physical organisms evolve to be more effective survivors, human consciousness is also evolving to get better. Since they also believe secular socialism is the ideal system for society, it follows that they believe mankind is evolving toward that, and subsequently away from such things as dictatorships and theistic religion.

However, the new socialists are also impatient, so they are trying to help evolution along through propaganda, re-education, and historical revisionism. This is another lesson from evolution theory. The old order of organisms die off to extinction because of adverse environmental pressures; so the Left is trying to create an intellectual and social environment that undermines belief in God, confidence in free enterprise, and allegiance to the constitutional governing structure. The political left in society is equivalent to the droughts, earthquakes, and other assorted hard times of the natural world. They are literally bad news.

Last time I asked my friend, he said the end game is to collapse society so that a new and better system of social organization can take its place. Unfortunately, his understanding of evolutionary theory is very flawed. I’m not an evolutionist, but evolution proposes that better survivors are the organisms that survive. It may be a predator that is more skilled in catching and killing prey. It may be a disease organism that is more resistant to vaccines. A truer understanding of evolution then is that it doesn’t produce a kinder, more benevolent result. The newly evolved thing is often worse than the old, at least in moral terms.

Creationists have been warning about evolution for decades, trying to make the connection that the issue isn’t just a mundane theory about biology. Evolution theory applied to social systems is a societal cancer. Its strategy is to replace good cells with cancerous ones. The end-game is death.